Bandung Tour

I’m thinking of going to Indonesia for my next vacation and have booked a Bandung Tour Package with a reputable travel agency in Bandung. It’s my first trip to Indonesia and my family wants to come along too. I have no problem with that as they pay for their own expenses during our holiday in Indonesia. As our holiday is coming close, I have to prepare everything from now on.

Preparing a Bandung Tour Package

First I need to go to a shopping mall to buy a new suitcase for myself. My old one is already torn here and there and so I think it needs replacement. I went straight to the second floor to the bag department and got myself a light blue small suitcase. It’s lightweight and looks so cute! Later I went upstairs to the fifth floor to get myself some new clothes. It’s been a long time that I haven’t bought a new blouse so I need a new one to wear in Bandung. I’ve heard the weather in Bandung is quite cold in the mountain so I don’t want to get cold when I’m taking this Bandung tour package.

I asked the travel agent if he could also provide me a hotel in Bandung. And luckily he gave me a very nice, cheap hotel in downtown area. It’s the best hotel I’ve ever seen in my life. The hotel is very clean and within walking distance to the shopping places. Next I also need to buy a new swimsuit as I plan to swim in the hot spring resort in Bandung. I love swimming in hot water so I think it’ll be a good chance for me to soak in the hot spring.

bandung tour

Best Bandung Tour

On the day of the tour, the 4 of us went straight to the airport early in the morning. And after 2-hour flight we all arrived at Bandung airport. We were greeted warmly by our tour guide, a young gentleman wearing local costume. We started our tour immediately by visiting the waterfall. It was the highest waterfall I’ve ever seen in my whole life. There are around 580 steps down to get closer to the waterfall but I was too tired to go down so far so I just went up to half way and went back up.

Our second destination in the itinerary was the Bamboo Village where we could relax and take as many beautiful pictures as we wanted. Bamboo Village looks like a resort. There is also a 3-star hotel within the area. I think it’ll be very romantic if we can stay for a few days in that hotel surrounded by the nature.

I love nature and that’s why I’d highly recommend this Bandung tour package for anyone who also loves nature and sightseeing. The next day we’ll visit an active volcano in north Bandung and this is something I’ve been looking forward to. I’m very curious to see what a volcano looks like from near.

Bandung is such a pretty place to stay. And I’m very grateful that I’ve got this opportunity to join this Bandung Tour Package to see the beauty of the city even more.